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Toner for Xerox


Toner cartridge for Photocopier

Toner for Xerox

OAT Compatible Xerox Toner DocuCentre S2011,Black

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OAT Compatible Xerox Toner DocuCentre S2011,Black

Xerox toner DocuCentre S2011 for S2011 S2320 S2520 S2110

  • Item NO.:

    DC S2011
  • Product Orgin:

    Xiamen, China
  • Shipping Port:

    Xiamen, China
  • MOQ:

Product Details

Compatible Xerox toner DocuCentre S2011,Black

Model: DC S2011


Feature: Compatible

Suitable for : Xerox S2011 S2320 S2520 S2110

Toner Load: 250grams

OAT DC S2011 Xerox Laster toner cartridge  have passed ISO9001/ISO14001 Certification is guarranted to meet your need in both print quality and page yield .

OAT Compatible toner cartridge is guarranted to meet your need in both print quality and page yield .

Who is OAT?

Since 1996 with exceptional value proven over times. 

One of the biggest factory in China producing Compatible Consumables for




What we OAT can promise: 

1. Stable quality with competitive price

2. Good print yield  

3. On-time delivery 

4. Perfect package in good out-looking


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Founded in 1996, Xiamen O-Atronic Computer Material Co.,Ltd.is a leading manufacturer of duplicator ink and master &  copier toner cartridge in China. With more than 22 years experience, the products we mainly offering : Duplicator ink and master for Riso, Ricoh, Gestetner, Duplo, Savin, Nashuatec, Rex-Rotary, RongDa digital duplicators, Copier toner cartridge for Canon, Ricoh, Konica Minolta, Kyocera Mita, Sharp, Toshiba, OKI, Panasonic photocopier. and  the spare parts for duplicator and photocopier. Our products have been sold to many countries like USA,UK,Russia,Germany, Middle East,Japan,Korea,South America, North America etc.  We enjoy a high reputation in overseas market and get 71.3% of market share(ink and master) in China,  due to our high and stable quality with long shelf life, reasonable price and good after-sales service.  Through years of effort, certified by ISO9001 & ISO14001, we have developed into Hi-tech industrial company with robust comprehensive strength, a mature management system, and an extensive distribution network. We have branches in many provinces of China, and develop agents overseas.  Xiamen O-Atronic will be oriented to the principle of "Emphasizing high quality, good service and mutual benefits" and the philosophy of "honesty, diligence, union and renovation", make continuous efforts towards greater progress and share the happiness brought by technical development and social advancement with various social circles.

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